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Less Than 24 Hours (WA)

In Bellingham, WA. Embarkation is on Mon. Cross the border in the morning. Packing tight and light tonight…we think. We’re the blue dot. The ‘Island Princess’ is the pink ship. We meet in Vancouver.


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Top of Cascades (WA)

Over Stevens Pass Hwy 2W


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Apples (WA)

In Wenatchee, WA. Unfortunately, we missed the local and annual Apple Blossom Festival. It was last weekend. To bad so sad…


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Regina’s T-Shirt (WA)

This at Aplets & Cotlets in Cashmere, WA. She liked their fruity and sweet confections and she liked their cute and colorful T-shirts. This is like what I have of hers at home. A kind of special place from over the years.


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Grand Coulee (WA)

Panoramas from below and above the dam. Click on the photos to enlarge.



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