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Low Tide (WA)

Kalaloch Creek flowing to the Pacific Ocean at low tide. At high tide, this is all covered in rolling and crashing waves.

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Observing (WA)

Dad inspecting the Pacific Ocean. Kalaloch Lodge, WA.


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Good Times (WA)

Again, for a few of you in the club, you remember this building. Interesting times were had by all. Olympia, WA.


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Textures (WA)

Kalaloch Lodge, WA.










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Lodge (WA)

We spent two days and two nights in the rustic luxury of Kalaloch Lodge on US 101 south of Forks, WA in the Hoh Rain Forest and in the Olympic National Park.

No cell phone coverage. No Internet. No TV. Just the noise of surging wave water on the beach, birds chirping, occasional rain showers, and the creaking of the warming heater.

It was mystical and magical.

On arrival, we were given tide tables and a weather forecast. Our job was to coordinate the two and make it to the low tide beach beyond the ancient and washed up logs when it wasn’t downpouring. Literally, we had to follow a single path carved out of a cliff down and then we had to climb up, over, and around 30 yards of huge old logs to get to the low tide beach. No trails! It was very inspiring to be out beyond the cliffs and logs with only the ocean and horizon in front of us.

Several hours later, of course, our footprints and paths lay under the rising and crashing tide as it once again lapped at the logs.







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Twilight (WA)

Yes, I visited Forks and, yes, there were other people like me in vehicles taking pictures of Twilight locations. It was actually kind of fun and funny. A whole van load of people from CA popped out in front of Bella’s house. People from all kinds of states were wandering – like me – the streets of tiny Forks trying to interpret the map and find the locations.

There were also for sale at local establishments – Bella Burgers, Twilight Tours, Edward hair cuts, and even Twilight cut wood. Not sure what Twilight cut wood would do for you. Anyway, the tiny town seems to have embraced the phenomena and are trying to have some fun and make a few bucks off of it at the same time.

Well, ok.







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For Alan S (Redux) (WA)

Oysters in Olympia, WA at ‘The Oyster House’. It’s not all quite as mixed up.


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Top Of The Hill (WA)

State Capitol in Olympia, WA.


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Sorry (WA)

Wow! Went through Forks, WA and there was not ANY cell or Internet coverage so I will need to catch up over the next day or so.

We’re in Aberdeen, WA now. Spent two nights at Kalaloch Lodge on the coast. Many pictures of the Hoh Rain Forest and Forks and Kalaloch. Here’s one from Kalaloch. It was beautiful.

More later.


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In The Lobby (WA)

Relaxing in the Olympic Lodge lobby.


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