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I turned right side up three of the videos that were posted upside-down during my trip. Sorry about that. Technical problems. Anyway, they are now posted correctly at Juneau, Kalaloch, and Hood River. They are posted below, too. Hit PLAY and they should be just fine. Also, you can expand them to full-screen. The videos were taken at a high resolution. They look pretty good, actually. It’s amazing what an iPhone 5 camera can do.

Good memories. And doesn’t a sunny day make a huge difference in picture taking?

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Yellow (OR)

Not sure what Bend, OR is noted for but I think the yellow flowers should be considered of some significance. Dazzling.


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Frame (OR)

Perfectly framed by blue sky, soaring trees, and Mt. Hood.


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Wind (OR)

Windsurfing. Hood River, OR.


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Preparation (OR)

Beautiful. This is the launch prep site for the kiteboarders. The windsurfers launch a bit further down. This looks so free and happy.



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Windy (OR)

Kiteboarding and windsurfing on the Columbia River in Hood River, OR.

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House No More (OR)

Went to Multnomah University. Zak graduated from here last year. What a pretty place.

His old house is gone and new student housing opened on the old house lot in Jan of this year. Sure looks different.





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Assembly (OR)

Met with Christians at Agape today in Portland. I remembered them and they remembered Zak, Kathy, the kids, me, and Regina. They had just recently heard about Regina. They were so kind, though. Hugs and well-wishes

A good assembly of singing, praying, teaching, and fellowship. I appreciate them and wish them the best.

They meet in an old school downtown. Many of their members are homeless. But some of the members are normal (whatever that is) people who like the mission and outreach aspect of Agape. They also like the closeness and sincerity. Good for them.



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Wings (OR)

Best wings in Portland. Fire on the Mountain.


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