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Powell Gardens (MO)

At Powell Gardens (MO). See Powell1 and Powell2.

I had been planning to visit these gardens for several days but, actually, I took the location out of my GPS when crossing I-70W through MO because I figured the rain, snow, and sleet would make the place miserable. I pulled over for a break and then thought, “Why not?” So I put the address back in the GPS and off I went. I am so glad I did.

I won’t say much here because there is so much to say about this amazing place and I, frankly, am tired. I took about 100 pictures – a few are below. Keep in mind that it was snowing and raining, it was about 37 deg when I arrived, and I was, I think, the only person wandering around the gardens for most of the afternoon. I put on my Alaska coat and hat and did just fine. After walking a mile or two around the gardens for probably two or three hours, I was very thankful and satisfied that I had stopped. Being alone in a beautiful – albeit, a bit cold and wet – set of gardens became a spiritual thing for me. And then I found the Chapel! Much more to say but I will let the pictures tell the story. I can’t imagine what it would all look like on a clear and warm day when everything is blooming. Truly a God place.

My description above and the very few photos below completely do an injustice to this place. Visit the websites I provide above and you will get a better feel for how large (over 900 acres!), how diverse, how complex, and how amazing this place can be all year round. I could visit and visit again – it was that special.

There is something about the Chapel and a facility that is near it that especially took my breath away. God always has ideas. It’s all good. I am glad I am following. So much more…

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2013-05-03 15.33.26





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Snow (MO)

Snow, sleet, and rain makes for long and slower drive. But, no issues. Unfortunately, there were four or five cars obviously spun out from the ice and snow during the night in the center median of I-70W. Empty, of course. I suppose the owners were at a location somewhere trying to figure out how to get back to their cars and get them pulled back up on the highway. Must have been treacherous during the night. I went through the entire State of Missouri in fog, rain, or snow. I guess it was out there somewhere…

2013-05-03 13.23.23

2013-05-03 13.19.55-2

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Gateway (MO)

In St. Louis (MO).


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