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34 Years (MD)

Cumberland downtown mall tonight. Pretty old looking. Pretty empty looking, too. People and storefronts.

We strolled it in Dec 1979. It was lightly snowing. We’d been married several days and were on our honeymoon. We stayed here – at the Holiday Inn where I’ve been this weekend – for one evening. Old downtown is about two blocks away.

I specifically remember taking some pictures of the snow falling around the street lamps. Regina was standing in the lamp light. The trees were very small trees at the time. It was dreamy and surreal.

We were on our way to Wash DC for our honeymoon destination. Who ever knew at the time that we’d end up living near and working near Wash DC our whole careers? We grew close to friends, raised a family, and called it home.

We were innocent. We were happy. We were naive.

Downtown looks 34 years older than that special night. I’m 34 years older, too. It’s all been pretty good, actually. No regrets.





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Last Night (MD)

Cumberland, MD.

Last night. So many places, experiences, people, sights, sounds, tastes, feels. And memories.

Time to go home.


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