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Grand Valley (CO)

Departing Grand Junction, CO this morning. Bittersweet. But what a place! Memories, family, friends, comfortable, civil, honest, neat, and a good place to have grown up. I will miss Grand Junction, my parents, my sister, friends, and what is familiar.

But I’m drawn to unknown things – always have been. I cherish the memories and will never forget. At the same time, I look forward to what is ahead.

This place is aptly named the Grand Valley. A peaceful place. Truly.


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Tick Tock (CO)

Dad wrapping his two precious old clocks for Zak and Nick. I will be carrying the clocks back in my car for Zak and Nick. I grew up with the clocks.




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Council (CO)

Ute Council Tree in Delta, CO.







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Radio & TV (CO)

I sent a letter to Rex Howell. I was probably 15 years old. I wanted to work at his TV/radio station, KREX. Any position. And besides, I was an amateur radio operator (WB0EEH) and Rex was a BIG ham (W0RX and K0RX) and hams stick together, right?

He hired me as a janitor but I worked up to night and weekend automation technician. (Nothing was live – content was all pre-recorded on AM and FM. I managed the automation.) Most all of my high school years I worked at KREX.

One of the best jobs I ever had. And Rex and I became friends. Rex and his family lived next door to KREX – across the parking lot. He let me operate his ham equipment in his poolside ham shack. All top gear Collins S-Line. It was a dream. A picture of his beams is below.

Rex passed many years ago. And the original KREX studio burned to the ground a few years ago. All that remains is the iconic tower. The original KREX studio site is now a community garden adjacent to the new studio. The new studio looks very nice.





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High School (CO)

GJHS. 1975. Senior Class Pres. Junior Class Vice Pres. Cross-country runner. Lettered as Thespian in Debate Club. Honor Society Freshman – Senior. Newspaper Editor and writer. Good friends (Hi Richard, Pat, Sue!). Never got beat up. Mostly good times. Doorway to where I am now. Looks about the way it did then. Thanks.





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Art (CO)

Street art. Panoramas of 4th & Main and 6th & Main. A very civil and easy downtown. Thanks. Main Street. Grand Junction, CO.




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Fountain (CO)

Downtown Grand Junction, CO.

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Little Things (CO)

At my sister’s nice home. Blooming Prickly Pear Cactus and her killer pint-size dog, Princeton. He took a hankering to me (why me?) and wanted to travel on with us. Uh, well no! Grand Junction, CO.




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Ready to Cruise (CO)

Getting ready to depart for the next adventure…


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Peace & Safety (CO)

I’m at a place that is quiet, safe, and peaceful. The rain is gone and the late setting sun shines through the back window. I’m reading and praying and wondering why I’ve been brought to this place but, also, what places God has yet to send me. Merton has written, “Once you have grace, you are free.” I don’t know yet what to do with this freedom.


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