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Last Night At Sea (BC)

It’s beautiful off of my balcony. I’ve never seen anything like what I’ve seen on this cruise of Alaska for the past two weeks. I’m grateful I could come. It’s humbling and unspeakable.


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Busy Passage (BC)

When going north two weeks ago, we passed through here during the night so we didn’t see much. This time, though, it’s mid-afternoon. You can see from the map how tight this passage is. It is also very busy. All kinds of working ships, barges, ferries, cruise ships, pleasure craft, and the like. Also, lots of floating debris like logs and wood pieces.

We’re about 15 hours northwest of Vancouver, BC. 20130526-160330.jpg


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Curry At Sea (BC)

In the Hecate Strait to Ketchikan.


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Roughing It At Sea (BC)

Off the coast of BC in Queen Charlotte Sound.


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Strait of Georgia (BC)

On way to Ketchikan.


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Aboard (BC)

The Island Princess. Getting underway.


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