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Blue Ice (AK)

Hubbard Glacier is the fastest moving glacier at seven feet per day.


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Disappointment (AK)

Due to ice, we can’t continue up Disenchantment Bay. We can see Hubbard Glacier in the distance. The sky is brilliant blue and the water is emerald green. Hubbard is 12 miles wide. Amazing.


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59.518 -140.054 (AK)

My balcony view. A gorgeous day at sea in the Gulf of Alaska off of Yakutat Bay.


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Gulf (AK)

We are in the Gulf of Alaska cruising at 15 knots. We are on our way to the Hubbard Glacier later today. This is my favorite indoor lounge. Comfy seats. Good coffee. Good light. Easy music.


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Two Ships (AK)

We will be departing Whittier in a few minutes. This was one of the most amazing days. To hear, see, and feel the calving of icebergs off of a glacier was on my bucket list. Now it’s marked as complete. Breathtaking.

The Klondike Express in the foreground is a powerful ice catamaran. It took us through a vast ice field to within 1,500 feet of Surprise Glacier. What an amazing and very fast vessel. We traveled at 40 mph on the open water. Smooth as silk.

And of course, the Island Princess in the background. What a nice place to live for two weeks. Comfortable, exotic, clean, safe, and beautiful.

I might get used to this kind of living.


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Calving (AK)

Calving at Surprise Glacier. It cracked, then thundered, then splashed, then rocked our vessel. Very beautiful and exciting.


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Beautiful Sunday (AK)

We spent most of the day today in College Fjord. I have never seen anything quite so amazing and beautiful. The sun was out, the water was blue and green, the wind slowed to a breeze, and the glaciers were magnificent. Below are some panoramas. But even they can’t do justice to the bigness and grandeur of this place. And being on a smooth ship in the middle of the fjord – it was like front row seats at a concert. We were the first ship into College Fjord this season – and we were treated spectacularly.








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Sun (AK)

Entering Prince William Sound. Sun is out. Temp is 50. Water is pristine. Air is crisp. Sound is surrounded by mountains. On way to College Fjord.


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Staggering (AK)

I heard cracking, creaking, and saw some calving off of Margerie Glacier. The inlet was filled with ice and wood bits. A magical, violent, huge, breathtaking location filled with life and wonder. Truly an inspiration.


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Glaciers (AK)

Amazing! East and west side of Tarr Inlet at the end of the Inlet. Glaciers. Beautiful. Panoramas.



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