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Gateway (MO)

In St. Louis (MO).


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Forest Wetlands (IL)

On the Goshen Road (IL).  See Road. Panorama. Click on the photo to enlarge.

2013-05-02 13.41.39

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Santa Claus (IN)

In Santa Claus, IN.


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Mansions (IN)

In New Albany, IN. See NewAlbany1 and NewAlbany2. These are old mansions (obviously, restored) from way back when.  They were owned by rich merchants who plied their trade with the entrepreneurs passing up and down the Ohio River (which is just a stone’s throw away and behind the mansions).

Here is an interesting tidbit. Guess who lived and worked for a short period of time in New Albany? None other than Edwin Hubble, the astronomer and person after which the Hubble Space Telescope is named. Hubble taught Spanish, physics, and mathematics at the New Albany High School for a year around 1915 before he decided, at the age of 25, to become a professional astronomer. He coached the boys’ basketball team at New Albany High School, too.

It was recommended that I dine at Jackson’s Seafood for dinner this evening. It is a locally owned little hole-in-the-wall kind of place. The clams, single hush-puppy, potato salad, and unsweetened iced tea was very tasty.








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Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine (WV)

In Beckley, WV. See Mine1 and Mine2.



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Greenbrier (WV)

In White Sulphur Springs, WV. See Greenbrier1 and Greeenbrier2.


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Just In Case


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Different For Awhile

srprzAt the risk of alienating my thousands of readers and contributors (well, maybe not that many), I will be modifying my content for the foreseeable future. As time goes on, you will figure out what is happening and why I will be acting less like a writer and more like a photog. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a few months so I hope it works out alright.

I think I have all of the technologies covered so you can follow along if you would like. Or not. My laptop is working fine with a new battery, my camera is charged and equipped with a 32G memory card, my iPhone is ready to go with all kinds of cool apps, and my debit and prepaid cards are loaded and wanting to be used. There is a slight chance that this might be kind of fun. So anyway… – I will attempt to post once or twice a day here on the blog if I have Internet access from my laptop or iPhone. Or if I feel like it.

twitter – Follow the link at the top of this page to follow my twitter feed. You don’t have to have a twitter account to see my twitter feed but if you want to respond or comment using twitter then, yes, you will need a twitter account. Sometimes posts will be unique to twitter only and will not be posted on or instagram. I guess it is up to me and my mood at the time. So there!

instagram – Sometimes my posts to instagram will also be on and twitter. Other times, however, maybe not. The link to my instagram feed is also at the top of this page. Again, you don’t need to have an instagram account to see my instagram photo feed but if you want to interact with me on instagram then you will need to create an instagram account. I do plan to post some geotagged photos to my instagram account. Basically, when I take a photo using instagram, I will also capture the longitude and latitude of where the photo was taken. The instagram application, using the geotagging on my photos, will then post the photo to an instagram map. It works pretty well most of the time. The down side is that sometimes the lat/long is not accurate enough so instagram might post my photo hundreds of miles from where it was actually taken. Oh well. That is what you get when using cheap (aka free!) applications. The other thing is that if you don’t have an instagram account then you will not be able to see the instagram map. They got you on this one. Oh well. It’s up to you.

#stimplexc – This is the hashtag that I will try to use when I send out or post anything having to do with this er umm next set of events. Maybe you will figure out what the hashtag means, too, as time goes on. It will work real well on twitter and instagram as long as it doesn’t get hijacked. Will see. Maybe a shortcut for you sometimes. I will also be monitoring it so you can use it, too.

If all of this means nothing to you then I love you anyway and don’t worry about it. Live long and prosper. If, however, this information tweaks your interest just a bit then keep up and participate for awhile. I look forward to having you along with me.

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Home Away From Home


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Vancouver via the Panama Canal


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