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Ur Calls

AbrahamBirthpZak, like Abraham, has heard and is responding to a call and is leaving for a place far away. He has given up all of his goods where he is, has packed what he can carry, is preparing his family for travel, and will be departing shortly for a new land on the other side of the planet. Without question, the journey will be difficult, long, and challenging. Likewise, the time in the foreign land will be potentially interesting but, nevertheless, something that will have to be approached with intentionality, patience, and courage.

But in faith, I believe Zak and this family will make it to their new home and will survive their living in another place in a manner that brings notice to God. I believe this because God has called Zak to be in another place – this isn’t a test to find out if Zak can jump through hoops but, rather, it is a test for Zak to be and live and prosper in a new land. It is where God needs Zak for a time – him and his precious family. And for almost ten years, God has been prepping, molding, shaping, massaging, twisting, turning, and polishing Zak – all for this! It must be something pretty special for God to spend this much time and invest this much effort in Zak to send him off to way over there.

God can be quite presumptuous when tagging people for help. Sometimes it’s a tiny urge, but more often it can be a life-changing, punch-in-the-gut, take-no-captives, hard-charging push into a new life. Sometimes it takes a person’s breath away. Sometimes it makes a head spin. Sometimes it’s painful – sometimes it might be joyful. Regardless, though, it is always a game changer. When God needs or wants something, he gets it and there is little or no use in trying to push back.

Zak heard and responded. He is going.

His mom would be excited and so proud. I am.

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First Day

2014-09-04 20.37.54

2014-09-04 20.37.48

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Best Letter


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Chinhae Chaplain

20140724-024054-9654770.jpgJuly 22

Hey All,

Today I received orders for my first active duty Chaplain tour. Praise God! It’s a three-year billet at Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae, South Korea. I’m ordered to detach from NAS Whidbey Island sometime in August and attach to COMFLEACT CHINHAE sometime in September.

We’re thrilled to be going to Korea! Both the Detailer and the Chaplain in Korea that I’m relieving told me this is an O-4 billet (one rank above me) and an overseas tour, which are both good things. They said it’s a duel-hat billet with high-visibility because not only will I be the Command Chaplain there at the base in Chinhae, but as the only US Navy Chaplain in the entire country of Korea, I’ll also be on the Admiral’s staff as the Region Chaplain. Not bad! They said I’ll be ministering to the US Navy ships and flight crews coming in and out of Korea during their deployments, as well as organizing community relations projects. COMRELs are projects that US Navy sailors do around the country to develop stronger ties between the government/people of the US and Korea. I will also be working closely with the Korean Navy Chaplains, and the US Army and Air Force Chaplains in the country. Everyone I’ve talked to and sought advice from has said this is a great billet, so for now I have to take their word for it. 

So now we once again begin running around like chickens with our heads cut off. All five of us will need to go through a screening process to ensure we’re medically okay to live overseas for the next three years. We’ll need to get everyone passports and I will need to start turning over and checking out of my command here. We also need to begin packing up our house. You won’t believe this, but the Navy won’t ship our belongings to Korea – they provide fully furnished houses over there to save on shipping costs – which means that yes, we’re going to have to put all our stuff back in storage here in the US! Ha! (For those of you keeping track at home, that will mean in a 5 year period from 2012 to 2017 we will have had our stuff out of storage for a total of 5 months!) We will also have to store one of our cars since the Navy will only ship one vehicle to Korea. Please pray that the Navy will store our belongings in a weather-proof location!

I know there will be much more to report on as we transition from here to Chinhae, so we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking about coming up and visiting us on beautiful Whidbey Island, you only have a couple more weeks before we’re gone!

-Zak (and family)

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Northwest Washington

I have borrowed some of Zak’s pictures that he has taken up where he and the family are currently stationed. It is one of my favorite places on earth and, after seeing some of the pictures, maybe you will see why. (Zak, I will pay you royalties later. Sometime.)

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One Year

Isaac Eason is a big one year old today. I’m happy that I was able to be with him moments after he came into the world. He is growing up so smart (not sure about playing in the dog food, though), good looking, inquisitive, and walks like a 13 or 14 month old. Way to go, little buddy.

I hope God will bless you with hope and love – and your family, too. I love you, little man.



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Nick STD

The “guy on my left” (referred to in photo) surreptitiously sent me this picture of Nick’s office door placard. (Click on photo to enlarge.)


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Little Buddy

31 years old today. Nick with his mom in Columbia. We were happy.


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A Photo

It was a very comfortable and happy evening. Clayton and Jamie are always people that I like to be with. Thanks, Clayton and Jamie, for inviting us out on Zak’s last evening in town. In among all of the sushi, talking, eating, giggling, I realized that I needed to take a picture to show Regina later. It wasn’t until a few moments after I snapped the photo that I remembered…

2014-01-06 19.06.00

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