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What If

whuwatWhat if it isn’t about how right or how wrong we are but about how we treat each other?

What if it isn’t about how much I accumulate but about how much I give to others?

What if it isn’t about feeling hurt but about feeling the hurt of others?

What if it isn’t about climbing as much as it’s about helping others climb?

What if it isn’t about reading the words but about understanding their meaning?

What if it isn’t about how they did it but about how I’m going to do it?

What if it isn’t about being served but about wanting to serve others?

What if it isn’t about intent as much as it is about action?

What if it isn’t about talking but about listening?

What if it isn’t about making it but about trying?

What if it isn’t about who’s coming as much as it is about me going?

What if it isn’t about being ready as much as it is about wanting to be ready?

What if it isn’t about being healed but about being broken?

What if it isn’t about the hammer but about the hug?

What if it isn’t about the melody but about the words?

What if it isn’t about the smiles but about the tears?

What if it isn’t about living but about dying?

What if it isn’t about now but about eternity?

What if it isn’t about patterns but about Spirit?

What if it isn’t about me but about God?

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Cold Sweats

adddicttsThe scourge of addiction is crippling. I’m talking about the mood altering kind of addiction that leads to adverse consequences. I’m talking about what happens in the humiliating use-abuse-dependency-increased dose-guilt cycle that so many find themselves trapped in and can’t get out of. It’s like, for them, getting on a horror ferris wheel and never being able to get off.

I’m sad when I see or hear of innocents who decide to experiment. Perhaps it’s because of peer pressure, a desire to explore, a desire to escape, or because abuse is pervasive in their surroundings. Whatever it is, the bridge isn’t too hard to cross the first time for many.

It seems those who cross the bridge are probably in need of something. They are missing something in their lives and they may feel empty. Perhaps they don’t feel loved by anyone. Maybe they are sad and depressed over how things are going. Possibly they aren’t sure of their identity. Unfortunately, these attitudinal fields are fallow for abuse.

My observation is that things and stuff can’t make up for sadness and despair. Big houses, cars, vacations, clothes, money, technology, success, and so many other things simply can’t heal loneliness and despair. “Children who come from wealthy families are more likely to use alcohol and other substances than those from poor neighborhoods.” – Hills Treatment Center

Addiction murders innocence in cold blood. I can see in the eyes of a person when innocence is gone. Instead of innocence, I see a cry for help.

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Consistently Ignorant

selfsenteredWhat good comes to bear when a person thinks he or she is better than someone else but then proceeds to act more childish and self-serving than the one who is supposedly the least? You and I have seen it time and time again, haven’t we?

It is also possible that perhaps we have been the very ones who thought we were better than others but actually ended up acting and talking like immature, silly children. And in the grand scheme of things, how does that make us look?

I had a very enjoyable but provocative lunch conversation several days ago where we discussed this contradiction. Why does it often seem, we posited, that the ones who would and could be the more progressive often come across as trite, intolerant, and self-serving?

The old preacher Thomas Adams once said, “Self-righteousness is the devil’s masterpiece to make us think well of ourselves.” It’s possible that our moments of enlightenment are often shadowed by our gloating. We seem to have a hard time controlling our pride. There is nothing more offensive than an incredibly bright person who is smug.

I’ve seen much good through the years that was wasted away in the barren deserts of arrogance. What would have been an otherwise excellent idea was somehow lost because it was presented all wrapped up in pride and haughtiness. It seems that we need to be very wary of the pitfalls of pride when we are blessed with an ability to create ideas.

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250 Words

timleyRobert Frost is credited with saying, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Truer words cannot be said. Regardless of all the analysis, counseling, therapy, interventions, case studies, sessions, seminars, self-help books, and deep conversations, time simply moves on. It doesn’t speed up and it doesn’t slow down. And as hard as we work to try to make it feel better sometimes or try to make it last or try to make it speed up, fact is – it keeps moving at its same, predictable pace. There continue to be 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in one year.

Life isn’t time. Rather, life rides on top of time like a cowboy on his horse, a stick floating down a stream, or a leaf being blown around by the wind. The question can’t be how to slow down or speed up time. Instead, the question should be about how I invest the life I have that I have been blessed with fully realizing that it will have a distinct start and a definite stop. It’s just how it is.

For me, life has too many words! Maybe we should all develop a better appreciation for context, perception, diversity, precision, and silence. Solely investing in words is a bad investment – it’s like not diversifying your stock portfolio. Syncing life and time requires so much more than talk, talk, talk.

I’ve said this in 250 words. I’m done.

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