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2012-12-08 22.00.05I’m not particularly gifted. My stories may not be the best. My adventures probably aren’t quite as good as yours. And my past careers aren’t something you need to know too much about.

The reason that I am here is because I like to have a cave wall to scratch on every now and then when the mood strikes me. Sometimes some of my stuff is original – you will be able to tell. Other times I like to put up my ideas in photos. And at yet other times I like to share something about what I am experiencing – novels, poetry, travel, music, foods, friends.

Regina passed away in Jun 2012 after spending her whole life with a broken heart. We had been married and friends for around 35 years. Along the way, we raised two fine and outstanding sons.

Photo Jun 27, 13 33 05 REVMy story has significantly changed since I lost Regina. What seemed so important before seems so trivial and insignificant now.

I have wonderful and supportive friends, a future that is wide open with only clear skies out on the horizon, and I continue my modest existence as deliberately as I can by myself. I pursue my future with a faith that says that things will work out for the best and that people aren’t inherently bad – they just need to be understood and treated with dignity and respect.

The future is going to be a new adventure for me. Perhaps I will share some of my experiences and thoughts with you as I journey out and on…

I don’t mind hearing from you every now and then. You can contact me at fred@stimple.net or you can leave comments for me and others at various locations throughout this cave.

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