2016’s Post

It is the end of another year. What a year! I will not review because, seriously, so much trauma happened to so many people all over the world that I do not like to think about it.

In one regard, I have termed 2016 as the Year of Self. By this I mean, people seem to have felt a need to hunker down, worry about themselves only, and felt empowered to tell everyone else that they were now worrying only about themselves and their self-interests. It is an interesting development that appears to still be taking place in many locations here and all over the world. It very definitely seems that much energy and effort is being applied to separating exclusively rather than uniting inclusively. For me, I become distressed when people decide that they only want people around them who look, act, believe, and live the same as they do. Since when did we loose our desire to tolerate, love, forgive, and see the best in each other?

Life happens, as has been said by those wiser than me. This is my fifth Christmas without any Christmas spirit. I enjoy being around others who embrace the season and I love the colors, sounds, tastes, and meanings behind the season but I personally am not ready yet to jump back in. Almost, but not yet. Maybe next year.

I continue to sit with hospice patients, I am finishing (two classes left!) my undergrad work with graduate school starting in 2017, grandkids get bigger and older, sons keep pushing through, and friends keep changing and adjusting as time moves on.

The stream current of time is a beautiful and scary thing – all at the same time. I feel privileged to be sailing it, however.

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