Thank You

mountainsFor friendship  For patience  For listening  For not judging  For telling it like it is  For caring  For pushing  For getting out of the way  For challenging  For laughing  For crying  For teasing  For touching  For hugging  For eating a meal  For drinking some coffee  For having a joke  For being spontaneous  For being honest  For having emotion  For being solid  For giving space  For pushing in  For your example  For getting my back  For giving direction  For adventures  For reading  For music  For texting  For being tolerant  For leading  For reaching  For empathizing  For coming along  For sharing  For needing me  For anticipating  For fixing it  For sitting  For recommending  For waiting  For nurturing  For making it not matter  For surprises  For reminiscing  For wondering  For questioning  For conversing  For trusting  For being along side  For the fire  For wanting to talk  For consistency  For consolation  For wisdom  For intelligence  For fun  For the cloudy days  For the sunny days  For advice  For keeping up  For taking charge  For saying it differently  For summing it up  For finishing it off  For getting it started  For mattering  For cooking it up  For good ideas  For being real  For relaxing  For compliments  For being crazy  For trying it once  For saying no  For saying yes  For explaining  For rolling your eyes  For teaching  For being a pal  For being a mentor  For backing off  For being in my face  For watching movies  For sarcasm  For being witty  For praying  For comforting  For loving

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