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We-Honor-VeteransBig plans for Veteran’s Day in a few weeks. I was called up and will be working with hospice staff and chaplains at two of our local facilities – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – to “pin veterans.” This is part of a national effort called We Honor Veterans. Our hospice coordinates pinning at many local facilities with our staff on Veteran’s Day and it’s neat to help out.

I did this last year and it was nice for the patients – many of who, sadly, don’t remember their service. But it’s okay. We have some nice pins to stick on their lapels and and we’re able to serve some drink and punch. Usually the vets are all brought into a common area where we call out their names, tell the service they served in and the years of their service, and thank them for their service. We then walk over to each person, shake their hand, pin their ribbon – and give them their cake.

Lots of good war stories from some of the people. These are WWII and Korean vets, of course, but last year, there was a Viet Nam vet, too. And there was one interesting person – he was a vet of both the Army and Navy. Not sure how he did that but he was proud of both and had stories from both.

And of course, the old Marines are all ooo-rah the whole time. They are funny.

Some of the patients are unable to make it to the common area so we visit them in their rooms. I remember one gentleman who was asleep – not to wake up – but we pinned his pillow and thanked him. Stuff like that is special to me.

They are all good people and I am glad we can spend a few minutes with them. I look forward to Nov 11.

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