Cleansing Dirt

MushAs I write this, I am grimy, sweaty, and mostly filthy. Want to come join me? Figured not. No one does. Oh well. Thought I would ask.

Of all the things to cleanse the soul, though, dirt is the best. It’s about the most honest remedy for fixing a hurt, smoothing over difficulties, and making things feel not quite as bad as they seem to be. Mix in some sweat and aching muscles and now you have a cocktail that heals almost anything. The perfect solution. The absolute pill. The best remedy.

Hard, honest work is what can keep a person headed in the right direction. Lazing around, nomming on frou-frou delicacies, being glued to a TV or phone screen, and interacting with the world in 140 or 160 bursts of words is a recipe for physical, mental, and spiritual disaster.

I think it has something to do with focus. Working requires focus – all your senses work together to accomplish something. Hands, eyes, brain, ears, breath, and everything else is working together to make it happen. There’s unison, harmony, and rhythm. It works and feels good when it is over – something has been accomplished.

On the other hand, sitting around is all about not having any focus. Eat this, think that, text this, feel that, watch this, listen to that, and so forth. Bumming around certainly doesn’t take any physical effort so your body is being wasted. Thinking isn’t required. Some call it multitasking – I call it being a mushroom.

Liven up! Instead of wallowing in your pity and angst, try putting on some healing dirt and sweat.

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