Winterized Gardens

I prepared our box gardens for winter yesterday. In the process, I harvested what little we were able to produce. I’m glad that my garden survived – somehow.

Lessons Learned

1. Deer are ravenous around fresh gardens. Our gardens that didn’t have deer nets were destroyed by the friendly but pesky neighborhood deer.
2. Half way through the summer, our water source failed. Unfortunately, melons and tomatoes really need water to survive. Didn’t happen this year.
3. Probably the biggest thing (we knew this going in) is that we planted around Jun 1 instead of around Apr 1. With this, we lost two months of vital growing time. This being the case, the melons and tomatoes that did survive the deer and lack of water were quite small and didn’t get the time they needed to mature. They looked good but were just real small.
4. The square gardens didn’t need much attention. What a benefit. Some occasional TLC was all they needed.

I hope to make the gardens next year and will definitely protect from deer, make sure the water supply is reliable, and plant early. Thanks to all the other gardeners and hands that made this interesting, fun, and very much a learning experience this year. We will do much better next year.

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

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