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rultyTo me, it’s not an issue of there being a God or not as much as it is a matter of choosing to believe in one thing or another. Let me try to explain.

To believe in something suggests that, for one reason or another, I agree to adhere to a set of concepts and expectations of whatever the belief system expects of me. Perhaps I believe in myself as the core truth of the universe. To do so and in this belief system, I acknowledge that my opinion is the centerpiece of my existence, that my motivation is driven almost exclusively by what I think, and that I see others and their actions through my own self-described filters.

Likewise, if I believe in, for example, science as being the core truth of the universe, I will assume that all and everything in me and around me can be answered by science somehow. My decisions can and will be greatly influenced by the sciences – logic, cause and effect, evolution, etc. My worldview will be filtered through what I believe are the laws of science.

And finally, if I, for example, hold to a political or social movement’s set of tenets, I will depend on the principles of the movement to shape my take on the world, people, and social interaction. Everything I see, say, or do will be motivated by and filtered through my belief in the movement’s propositions.

Bottom line – any and every idea about anything and everything is dependent on a belief and faith system. Regardless of what we adhere to as our personal set of defining core principles, we are all faithful believers in one sense or another. In a technical sense, there is not such a thing as a non-believer.

Oddly or not, we are all creatures of belief and faith.

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