Maize Maze

maze2014How hard can it be to get through a corn maze? In the dark? With drizzle? In 50 deg weather? (Click on the photo to the right to see an enlarged photo of the actual maze. But don’t cheat if you plan to go through!)

Well, actually, pretty hard. This year’s version of the Maize Maze at Belvedere Plantation was awesome in that it was tough tough tough. Getting through Phase 1 was no problem – it’s meant for little guys. Phase 2 took an hour or two. And Phase 3?  Couldn’t do it! After being wet for several hours with the rain picking up in the dark and going around in circles for what seemed like forever, that was it. It will take another trip back out to Belvedere to complete Phase 3. But oh so cool to wander around trying all the different options and trying to remember which paths had already been tried and which ones hadn’t.

Seriously, walking in is easy and how can this be hard? But literally after 20 min or so, reason and logic goes out the window. It is the most amazing feel to actually feel lost in what otherwise looks like a simple and easy exercise. You can see across the maze, there are some spotlights shining to help out, there are several large bridges in the maze that can be used as markers, and it simply can’t be as hard as this! But after wandering and testing and trying over and over and over…it actually gets maddeningly frustrating. It really is a test of stamina and sticking to it, for sure. But how cool is that?

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