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Space warp travel trough universeIn wrapping up another session of school this week, I reflect on just what I am attempting to do with all of this education. It takes lots of time, it’s expensive, it takes work, and it is sometimes hard to do. Several ask why I do this. I think my best answers are that I want and need to be busy with something that might matter, I think I might want to actually get back in the work-force somewhere at some point (but on my terms!), and I think I crave for information that seems to be something that I can use to help others either professionally or just as an individual.

This has been a long session. Not so much because of the literal classes but because of a number of things that have happened during this session. I’ve had to do a lot of reflection, re-prioritizing, meditating, and wondering what next. I’ve been able to keep my studies up but my personal life has gotten a bit more challenging and the challenge leaks over into my study life. Maybe I’m just normal again. Is that possible? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m glad that things are finishing up. The classes were a handful but, thankfully, the professors were here to help and I managed to get through them with flying colors. As each class finishes, I can taste the end more and more. But is it also some kind of countdown to who knows what? That is what kind of makes me wonder.

Where is this going?

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