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ooineIt’s too bad that most people think they have a constitutional and human right to voice their opinion about anything and everything whenever and however they want to voice it. The idea of having an opinion and then telling everyone about it is tightly weaved into our core and being as a culture and society, isn’t it? With social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and texting (to name a few), we are each given an uncensored, guilt-free, 24 hour a day, international medium to spew, vent, spout, and shout our opinions about anything and everything with little regard for consequence. (This, by the way, is why I cancelled my Facebook account years ago and I will never open it up again!)

Maybe more to my point, I’m tired of opinions not because they are your opinions, but that you feel inclined to voice your opinions without any due consideration at all for what others will think. I understand that this is a slippery slope discussion, but I am truly sensitized to statements and comments – while certainly consisting of honest and open opinions – that are obviously made by a conversant who is neither considering the interests and sensitivities of others nor is the opinionator inclined to consider the long term effects of badly phrased or poorly intentioned words.

It’s like passing out sticks of dynamite to a bunch of convicted pyros, giving a $1,000,000,000 to a person with no money, transferring the ownership of a sports car to a person who can’t drive, or offering an unlimited ceiling credit card to a person with a poor credit rating and saying, “Well, express yourself in ways that best suit you and your character. Go on. It’s your right!”

In my perfect world, everyone will have a right to voice an opinion conditioned on the expectation that they have fully taken into account the sensitivities of their audience and after considering the repercussions of saying what is intended to be said.

(Even as I finish writing this, a tweet shows up on my feed from one angry individual to another angry individual that reads like this: “That is true.. Look it up and u don’t own twitter.. I can tweet what I want FO!” Opinion? Yes. Highly insensitive and incredibly selfish? Very yes!)

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