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dlta767If you read this blurb sometime between mid-afternoon Sun to early morning on Mon Virginia time then you will be reading while Zak and family are traveling to Korea by air. It is a long trip – very long for three little ones – and I truly hope it goes well. I’m tracking his progress on the Internet regularly and hope – some how – to hear from him upon arrival. The phone-Internet situation over there is completely different than here so I’m not too worried if I don’t hear for a few days but it’s amazing how much we depend on and hope for instant notification when or if something happens. We all need to be patient. Korea is 13 hours ahead of Virginia so if it is noon here on Sun then it is 1am on Mon there. Pretty cool. It brings a whole new meaning to wondering when to celebrate a new year at midnight!

I’ve said much about Zak and his choices and plans so I will not belabor the point. But this is a big day – the beginning of something pretty amazing. Of course, thousands and thousands of military people and their families have traveled to and lived in Korea over the years so this is not a first and is pretty routine – except that this is about some family people who I care for so give me a break for a few years while I ponder the significance of what is happening.

If and when I hear something, I will let you know right here. Between the asterisks below. Check back for updates.

12pm ET Sun – Leaving hotel for SEATAC airport.

2:30pm ET Sun – Call from Zak. Everyone is at gate. No problems checking in despite 14 bags of luggage (it’s all the goods they have for about a month until first shipment arrives). Kids are okay and anxious. Last call for bathroom break and snacks then loading. Direct flight with no stops. Current chaplain and staff in Korea will pick them up in Seoul upon arrival with two Navy vans. All seems set to go. No turning back now.

7:30pm ET Sun – Latest tracking information. Hope it’s accurate.


5am ET Mon – Well, according to tracking apps, they’ve arrived. About an hour ago. I haven’t heard anything but that’s to be expected. Hope they’re in one piece.


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