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meeeeeeIt is very hard to not be selfish and self-centered, isn’t it? Our nature is to focus on ourselves and do whatever it takes to keep things going our way and keep things always pointing to us. Unless someone tells or shows us, we have no other way to live, it seems. Human nature is very powerful – it pulls, tugs, finagles, and twists to make sure that it is all about me. Let’s listen to my music, let’s talk about my problems or wins, let’s feel like I feel, and let’s do what I want to do. The irony is that in doing everything I can for me, I get lonely, depressed, and afraid. A rational thinker would think that if I did everything for me then things ought to work out better. But no! It seems the more I worry about me and my stuff the harder life gets.

Here’s a major announcement! Rationality, empowerment, and selfishness does NOT lead to happiness, peace, and joy.

You and I know people who come across as conceited, selfish, and me-centered. And how would you describe their general dispositions? Happy? Fun-loving? Giving? Forgiving and magnanimous? Willing to be transparent? Open to hugs? Able to sincerely love?

You are right! People who care for themselves too much can’t be close to anyone else. I suppose it’s a thing where a person is too much in love with themselves so they have no room for anyone else. But seriously, people who struggle with identity issues and security issues often also think, probably, too highly of themselves.

I want to be transparent and I want to be around giving people.

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