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gotarWe went in for our first guitar lessons on Mon. I was nervous and anxious. I wondered what could be accomplished in a 30 min session but, as it turned out, the instructor was with me for about 45 min and with Niki for about 45 min. The thing is, there isn’t anyone after us on Mon afternoons until around 3pm so I guess we get full run of the teacher if he wants to take the time. Anyway, I was first up.

A pleasant and very talented instructor. Excellent credentials, very knowledgeable, a professor at a local university, and a life-long musician and music teacher. We chatted a few minutes then got down to business. He pulled out my chording notebook and started writing out the layout of a guitar neck, note and sound relationships, and comparisons to a piano keyboard. With me, he even discussed some mathematical relationships that apply to all music schemes and how important Pythagoras was to music. Who knew?

Anyway, for homework this week I have to practice playing several octaves of the C scale up and down up and down up and down on the first three frets. Also, I have about ten chords I have to perfect. And I also – this is cool – have to come up with a list of ten of my favorite blues and/or jazz songs that we will begin working on together over the next few weeks. (I picked jazz and the blues as my preferred music.)

Niki went in and within a few minutes I heard Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes emanating from the training room. So cool! Anyway, she had a good time, too, and is also home now doing a bunch of homework and practicing (and recovering from getting four teeth pulled). Like me, she has to come up with a list of her top ten songs that she will begin working on over the next few weeks, too.

All in all, a very interesting, fascinating, and satisfying day. There is, of course, much to learn (and unlearn!) and I don’t know what the future holds for all of this but it is something I’ve wanted to pursue for a long time. Niki and I have been practicing together and having a good time (and a few laughs) making odd but slightly recognizable guitar sounds.

It’s another worthy adventure.

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