Fall Day

equinosmunFor a few days we will experience the same amount of sun up and sun down. That is what happens this time of year – the first day of fall. Whereas the summer had long sunny days and shorter nights, we are now transitioning into shorter sunny days and longer nights. For at least a few days, the days and nights are in some kind of balance – 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of no sun.

There seems to be some kind of cosmic rest during the spring and fall equinoxes every year. One comes after a long, hot summer and all of its outdoor activities and another after a long, cold winter with all of its indoor activities. During summer, the ground sizzles and pushes up budding life. In the winter, the ground freezes and insists that hibernation take place. Both summer and winter have their places in the cycle of life, don’t they? Both are essential. And lots happens during the summer and winter months in life cycles.

And yet, two times a year I like to think that there are just a few days to take a breather. A few days to, so to speak, sit back just a bit and reflect on time past and time future. Things are in stasis, of sorts. There’s a temporary – very temporary – peace between the rivals summer and winter. After all, lots of changes come after the spring and fall equinoxes. Things really pick up and rush.

But again, for just a few hours there is calm and serenity.

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