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AbrahamBirthpZak, like Abraham, has heard and is responding to a call and is leaving for a place far away. He has given up all of his goods where he is, has packed what he can carry, is preparing his family for travel, and will be departing shortly for a new land on the other side of the planet. Without question, the journey will be difficult, long, and challenging. Likewise, the time in the foreign land will be potentially interesting but, nevertheless, something that will have to be approached with intentionality, patience, and courage.

But in faith, I believe Zak and this family will make it to their new home and will survive their living in another place in a manner that brings notice to God. I believe this because God has called Zak to be in another place – this isn’t a test to find out if Zak can jump through hoops but, rather, it is a test for Zak to be and live and prosper in a new land. It is where God needs Zak for a time – him and his precious family. And for almost ten years, God has been prepping, molding, shaping, massaging, twisting, turning, and polishing Zak – all for this! It must be something pretty special for God to spend this much time and invest this much effort in Zak to send him off to way over there.

God can be quite presumptuous when tagging people for help. Sometimes it’s a tiny urge, but more often it can be a life-changing, punch-in-the-gut, take-no-captives, hard-charging push into a new life. Sometimes it takes a person’s breath away. Sometimes it makes a head spin. Sometimes it’s painful – sometimes it might be joyful. Regardless, though, it is always a game changer. When God needs or wants something, he gets it and there is little or no use in trying to push back.

Zak heard and responded. He is going.

His mom would be excited and so proud. I am.

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