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DV016_Jpg_Large_519040_guitar_RFor a number of years, I have wanted to begin playing the guitar again. I last played when quite young – maybe middle school. I hiked down the block and sat in a man’s house for 30 minutes a week and, in the end, learned some basics and got pretty good with some classical and popular music. I guess life took over – sports, moving, work, and so forth. For a little guy, it seemed another thing that I had to do sometimes but, frankly, it was slightly pleasurable and I’ve never forgotten.

So anyway, a friend and I were recently talking and we both became motivated to take up guitars and, maybe, even begin some lessons. I’ve had my nice acoustic Yamaha guitar now for about a month. And I begin lessons next Mon at 12:30pm. I’m signed up for a thirty minute session every Mon for as long as I like. I’m actually looking forward to it though my fingers are hurting even now from plinking and bridging. Anyway, I’m set to go in and find out what comes back or if I need to start over. I think it will be enjoyable and fun.

It’s interesting. I was asked what form or type of music I would like to work on. I had to think about that for awhile. I said that I would like to get some basics down and feel comfortable around the guitar so I wasn’t in too much of a rush to find a form or type of music but that I think I would like to try working on the blues. The instructor smiled furtively and said, “We will get along just fine!”

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