Being Ungood

boukeWe sure spend lots of time trying to be good, don’t we? Of course, to stop and think about what “being good” means creates all kinds of faith and existential issues, but we do it anyway. We always seem to be in pursuit of being “gooder” and even “more gooder.” We set an incredibly and impossibly high bar when we tell someone, “You need to work at being good.” I think it’s a hopeless goal and I think we are chasing fool’s gold.

As I get on down this road of life, I have pretty much figured out that the best I can do is my best and leave the rest up to God. And the gap between the end of my best and where God stands is huge! It is a gaping, enormous, Grand Canyon-sized gap between my goodness and God’s goodness. How silly to think that I can work hard at being good and somehow that is what is going to count. (Thank goodness for God’s grace, yes?)

Look, this isn’t about not trying to live as Jesus lived – and lives! But it is about learning that God can’t work through excellent, wonderful, inspirational, perfect people. Why? It’s because in people who think all of these things of themselves, there simply isn’t any room for God! After all, why would a wonderfully balanced, incredibly mature, amazingly stalwart, and profoundly passionate person need God? Sheesh – they have themselves!

God works in broken people and in their weaknesses. That’s where God shines. I prefer to be ungood and let God do his stuff in me, okay?

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