Bus Stop

scpscallsBeth is going to stop the phone calls. It has been a long time now. The calls I’m talking about are the calls from Stafford County School Board. For a long time, I didn’t really want to stop the calls – automated, recorded calls about school openings, closings, events, teacher conferences, and so forth. I have been getting them for two years since… Anyway, they were a grim reminder but, somehow, I wanted to hang on to something. I’m not sure what it was.

Of course, the calls don’t come through during the summer so I wasn’t thinking much about them. But with school now starting up this Tues, the calls have been coming through these past few weeks pretty regularly. And I decided I didn’t want them anymore. They – and what they mean – is getting dimmer and dimmer to me. They hurt a bit more than help somehow. Anyway, Beth, as a teacher in the local school system, agreed to call and get them stopped. This part is over now. I’m letting it go.

It used to be incredibly important around this house to know if the hurricane or winter storm was going to cancel school. Also, the phone often rang from teacher friends, parents, and school administrators. It was pretty much what would come through – week in and week out. It is, of course, silent now. I see the school buses out now and I visited Beth’s special classroom a few days ago – life goes on. At least, that life.

Somewhere along the way, I was let off the bus.

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