Been Awhile

Catoctin-Mountain-Orchard-24It has been awhile since I’ve posted. A nice break albeit a busy one while I was away. I’ve been up to a few things – some enjoyable and challenging and some less so. It is how things go, right?

– Started another session of school two weeks ago. New Testament Interpretation and Western Literature.
– Took a trip to the beautiful northwest in Washington to see Zak, Kathy, and the kids. Very special. Especially the air mattress when the kids hadn’t pounded out the air! They’ll be leaving for Korea in several weeks – hard to believe!
– Attended a few movies with some special friends. Our whispering during the movies actually is more interesting and entertaining than the movies themselves.
– Went fruit shopping for peaches, berries, and some comb honey at Catoctin Mountain near Thurmont, MD.
– Some Mongolian rice bowls with a friend – always tasty.
– Reading 11/22/63 by Stephen King. Very interesting and entertaining.
– Reread The Giver (on the flight back from Seattle) and then went to see the movie. I recommend both in that they are different. They won’t take your breath away but they are interesting and entertaining.
– Lost a kind patient – she isn’t suffering anymore. I’m glad about that. Picked up a new patient, though. I will meet him this week. He has just been put on the hospice list.
– I literally whacked my left toe on a ferry in Washington while up there. I’ve been limping ever since. My toe was as purple as a plum! Anyway, it’s much better now but I thought I had really messed it up. Wow, it hurt!
– I attempted to schedule another silent retreat at Holy Cross Abbey for a few of us but they are booked through the rest of the year. I was really wanting to get up there and cleanse a bit. Maybe in the spring.
– Here’s one – I have a nice acoustic guitar now and have been playing for a week or so. Lots is coming back from many years ago but I think I will sign up for some lessons, too. My fingers really hurt, though.
– God and I still spend a lot of time discussing – stuff! Not sure what he is up to with me. Kind of confused, frankly.

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