God Lean

20140211-221938.jpgI recently visited a patient. I have visited him several times in the past month. He is a gracious and friendly man. Once he is able to hear me, he can carry on quite a conversation. He is very hard of hearing so as long as I keep him entertained with questions that he is able to hear, he will talk and talk and all I need to do is listen. It works out well in the end – I don’t have to say much and he is able to spend some time talking about his past adventures as a union shop steward many years ago.

Anyway, we had spent some time together and a nurse came in the room – it was time for his bath. I told him I would be back to see him soon and patted him on the shoulder.

I said to him, “God bless you, sir.”

He looked at me and said, “I know you are a Christian. I can tell. I am, too. You are a good man. Thanks for visiting.”

I smiled and left.

And I have been thinking about his words ever since. Was his comment a chance and random comment by an old, silly man? Am I imagining that we are somehow connected through words, expressions, and mannerisms in our conversations? Do my words and his words combine to be God-words? Or is all of this fantastical?

Frankly, and for me, this is yet another example of a God-moment. These things pop up all of the time if I get out of the way and watch. I find God in these somewhat sad places waiting for who-knows-what? But he is there. And making contact with him takes my breath away. In my very aged friend, God exists and he speaks to me and keeps me on my toes and tells me that he cares and wants to be with me.

I don’t climb many thundering mountains or see many burning bushes, but you can bet I have my share of God-sightings. The most recent God-sighting was in an old chair, all wrinkled and sick, hard of hearing, and thankful for a visit.

I’m honored and humbled that God is leaning in on me.

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