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Toured the Ford Rouge (Rouge River) truck factory in Dearborn, MI. The tours are part of The Henry Ford, a huge museum complex in Dearborn used to tout Ford products and remember the Henry Ford legacy. Highly worth the visit but to cover the whole complex could easily take one very full day or several shorter days of visits. I had six hours so I’m not an authority at all.

Anyway, the Rouge plant is about building Ford F-150 trucks literally from raw materials, being extremely environmentally conscious, building a strong partnership between management and labor, and converting 20th century manufacturing methods into 21st century processes.

The self-guided factory tour is really interesting and enjoyable. The entire F-150 assembly building has a roof of plants – sedum, to be specific.

No pictures in the assembly facility, however. UAW union rules. Bummer. Very, very cool to see an F-150 start as pieces and parts and at the end workers are parking them in a parking lot for shipment to Ford dealers. Sixty trucks an hour for you and me to go out and purchase!

The photo of the open chassis, drive-train, and engine is that of an F-150.

Click on the photo of the employee parking lot and notice the blue line down the center. Ford owners park to the right (from the angle of the photo) of the line and non-Ford owners to the left. The Ford owners have a shorter walk to the entrance doors.









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