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I was in a park yesterday near Grand Banc, MI meditating and thinking about things and the day. This gull sat with me the whole time. Literally. I had situated myself at a table under a tree for maybe an hour. And the gull waited with me. We were both thinking, I guess.

As I was leaving, a lady had noticed me sitting and had seen the gull. She, too, had been sitting. She at a spot a bit further down from me.

She said, “I noticed your gull. You know that in Celtic tradition a gull is who brings messages from heaven. Did you get anything?”

I smiled and said I wasn’t sure.

And yet, her words rocked my day. When I was back in the car, I couldn’t believe what had just happened. The gull had possibly been a messenger from heaven for me and my protector for an hour in the park? I had been praying and meditating and talking with Regina. The gull stood by the whole time.

Ok. I’ll take it. I received a message and I acknowledge it. I found comfort in the park and I’m glad – and honored – that the gull had brought me some peace and had stood watch during a kind of hard time.

Thanks, God. Again. You never let me down.



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