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I sent a letter to Rex Howell. I was probably 15 years old. I wanted to work at his TV/radio station, KREX. Any position. And besides, I was an amateur radio operator (WB0EEH) and Rex was a BIG ham (W0RX and K0RX) and hams stick together, right?

He hired me as a janitor but I worked up to night and weekend automation technician. (Nothing was live – content was all pre-recorded on AM and FM. I managed the automation.) Most all of my high school years I worked at KREX.

One of the best jobs I ever had. And Rex and I became friends. Rex and his family lived next door to KREX – across the parking lot. He let me operate his ham equipment in his poolside ham shack. All top gear Collins S-Line. It was a dream. A picture of his beams is below.

Rex passed many years ago. And the original KREX studio burned to the ground a few years ago. All that remains is the iconic tower. The original KREX studio site is now a community garden adjacent to the new studio. The new studio looks very nice.





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