Eleven Months

Not a moment goes by that I don’t remember our happy times and our sad times together. I’m stronger today than I was yesterday, but each day still offers one more hill to climb. Each day brings new hope but each day also brings memories. I’ll admit that as time goes on, however, my memories get a bit hazier around the edges. Her voice isn’t quite as clear. Her presence isn’t quite as real. Her routines are harder to detect. I suppose this all is a blessing somehow, though.

She’s been with me this trip. I’m happy about that. I’ve shown her all the places I’ve seen. But I haven’t taken her out in the cold and wind. She wouldn’t like that.

Give a hug to those that you are with. Don’t take for granted any of your time together. Always make the best out of anything. And be thankful for this brief respite called life – it can be marvelous, mysterious, beautiful, and magnificent.


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