Powell Gardens (MO)

At Powell Gardens (MO). See Powell1 and Powell2.

I had been planning to visit these gardens for several days but, actually, I took the location out of my GPS when crossing I-70W through MO because I figured the rain, snow, and sleet would make the place miserable. I pulled over for a break and then thought, “Why not?” So I put the address back in the GPS and off I went. I am so glad I did.

I won’t say much here because there is so much to say about this amazing place and I, frankly, am tired. I took about 100 pictures – a few are below. Keep in mind that it was snowing and raining, it was about 37 deg when I arrived, and I was, I think, the only person wandering around the gardens for most of the afternoon. I put on my Alaska coat and hat and did just fine. After walking a mile or two around the gardens for probably two or three hours, I was very thankful and satisfied that I had stopped. Being alone in a beautiful – albeit, a bit cold and wet – set of gardens became a spiritual thing for me. And then I found the Chapel! Much more to say but I will let the pictures tell the story. I can’t imagine what it would all look like on a clear and warm day when everything is blooming. Truly a God place.

My description above and the very few photos below completely do an injustice to this place. Visit the websites I provide above and you will get a better feel for how large (over 900 acres!), how diverse, how complex, and how amazing this place can be all year round. I could visit and visit again – it was that special.

There is something about the Chapel and a facility that is near it that especially took my breath away. God always has ideas. It’s all good. I am glad I am following. So much more…

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