Mansions (IN)

In New Albany, IN. See NewAlbany1 and NewAlbany2. These are old mansions (obviously, restored) from way back when.  They were owned by rich merchants who plied their trade with the entrepreneurs passing up and down the Ohio River (which is just a stone’s throw away and behind the mansions).

Here is an interesting tidbit. Guess who lived and worked for a short period of time in New Albany? None other than Edwin Hubble, the astronomer and person after which the Hubble Space Telescope is named. Hubble taught Spanish, physics, and mathematics at the New Albany High School for a year around 1915 before he decided, at the age of 25, to become a professional astronomer. He coached the boys’ basketball team at New Albany High School, too.

It was recommended that I dine at Jackson’s Seafood for dinner this evening. It is a locally owned little hole-in-the-wall kind of place. The clams, single hush-puppy, potato salad, and unsweetened iced tea was very tasty.








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