A Blessing

God, hear my petition
in behalf of your son Isaac.

May he become a strong and powerful man of God who doesn’t fret
when there is much hate, discontent, and cruelty.

May he become a compassionate, kind, and authentic
servant of and leader for you, our gracious and loving God.

May he find peace in all things that cry out in anger,
and may he find justice in all things that are unjust.

May he obey, honor, and cherish his parents until they pass
even as they give him their very existence for his well-being.

May he seek and find true and honest love
even as he learns to love by giving all of himself to others.

May he learn to forgive others and seek the best in them
even as you will forgive and love him regardless of his faults.

May he be able to laugh and smile in the face of adversity,
and may he cry and empathize when others ache.

May he grow to be a man of honor and patience
with the ability to listen carefully and speak understandingly.

“May you bless Isaac and keep him.
May you show Isaac your kindness and have mercy on him.
May you watch over Isaac and give him peace.”

God, light his way.


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