Being Parents

Dear Lord,

God, I thank you for the times when Regina and I were still able to be buddies and we had our little family here and we could all do things together and even when things were pretty hard, we simply knew we would make it. And we did! You know I watched some old home videos a few days ago. I had forgotten how noisy it was around the house. Everyone talking and making funny noises. Music, TV, clangs and bangs, dog barks, picking and being silly. A full house made for a noisy house. And it was all good. Thank you so much for those times. It’s not that way now. It’s not bad – it’s just different. I will always treasure the noises and times of family when we were all together.

I pray for parents with children and teenagers. It is a long, difficult, amazing, and exciting time. Kids change everything. Time becomes worth its weight in gold – every moment is an investment. And memories stack up faster than cars backing up behind a crash on I-95. I hope our time was not a waste. I hope that our time was worth it.

Give moms and dads patience, incredible amounts of love, and much energy while taking care of their families. Grant them wisdom way beyond their means. And let them always be open to new things coming from their young ones. I pray that even in the midst of all the family business, they can find special times for each other. I hope that they can still love each other, listen to each other, and care for each other. Let them be an example to their children – in happiness and in stress.

I ask that you insure that they make you very much apart of their family. Not just an after-thought, Sunday-only, pretty-dress, nice-suit kind of God but a God who is in the middle of every conversation, decision, and activity. I pray that mom and dad will learn and know to draw their love and strength from you. Always.

Thank you for being in our little family. And I pray you remain in the families of the boys. And I know you are taking care of Regina. And you are very much with me.

Bless moms and dads and their families.


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