Thank You

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Dear God,

It seems like it is always about me. I want to thank you.

Wife. Babies. Friends. Blue sky. Parents. Sons. Daughters. Grandchildren. Memories. Health. Home. Music. Books. Smiles. Phone calls. Emails. Internet. Doctors. Nurses. Medications. Hospitals and clinics. Clean water. Warm water. Air conditioning. Soccer. Conversations late at night. Coffee. Seltzer water. Skype. Lights. Green grass. Yellow flowers. Mutts. Cats. Red and blue birds. Sleep. Naps. Rest. Laughter. Humor. Pictures. Candles. Pudding. Sandwiches. Jello. Milk. Garden gnomes. Cameras. Incense. Oranges. Apples. Kiwis. Dishwasher. Clothes washer and dryer. Sight. Being able to hear. Touch. Smell. Taste. Dinner invites. RSVPs. Text messages. Movies. Blueberries.

Education. Highways. Trails. Stores and shops. Chicken. Chai. Masala. Tacos and burritos. Beans. United States of America. England. Romania. Hawaii. Alaska. Colorado. Virginia. Atlantic Ocean. Submarines. Navy. FBI. DOJ. Pension. Retirement. StaffCo Schools. Teachers. Electric fans. Fences. Forsythias. Dachshunds. Golden labs. Miracle-Gro. Basil. Tomatoes. Vacuum cleaners. Detergent. Soap. Shampoo. Toothbrushes. Toothpaste. Pens. Paper. Cups. Plates. Clouds. Lightning. Thunder. Rain. Wind. Sunshine. Snow. Rockets. Moon. Spaceships. Meteors. Asteroids. Planets. Stars. Black night sky. Razors. Towels. Mops. Cold drink. Shirts. Pants. Undergarments. Shoes. Coats and jackets. Sweaters. Bed. Desk. Telephone and cellphone. iPod. Electricity. Sidewalks. Bagels. Scones. Frank Sinatra. Grateful Dead. Ambient music. Outer Limits. Gilligan’s Island. Age of Empires. Skyrim. Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Pepper and salt. Flour. Muscles. Soft chairs.

Forgiveness. Compassion. Empathy. Sadness. Grief. Happiness. Joy. New life. Mercy. Grace. Patience. Hospitality. Listening. Second chances. Hope. Sharing. Sensitivity. Assembly. Worship. Prayer. Honesty. Simplicity. Complexity. Soberness. Wisdom. Caring. Kindness. Vision. Eternity. Guidance. Protection. Tears. Promises. Faith. Comfort. Sincerity. Providence. Peace. Blessings. Belief. Confession. Marriage. Unity. Purpose. Companionship. Servant and service. Redemption. Cleansing. New start. Innocence. Transparency. Inclusion. Holy. Shoulder-to-shoulder. Angels. Dreams and visions. Winners. Maturity. Brokenness. Wholeness. Righteousness. Power. Followers and disciples. Solace. Safe haven. Glory. Hugs. Quiet time. Second life. Your Son.



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