The Meanings

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Dear Lord,

There are so many words. Between Scripture, the written words of wise men, and the kind counsel of friends, there is so much for me to try to absorb and try to understand. I feel inadequate. When I read and listen, Father, I desire to comprehend and understand but sometimes it seems so broad and vast to me. And it comes across sometimes as being so complex and confusing that I am afraid that I miss what is important and significant. Thank you for the opportunity to read and listen but I feel mostly unable to discern well from what I read and hear.

I pray for the ability to comprehend the wisdom in appropriate words and somehow be able to disregard all of the other noise and prattle. I pray for quiet times and patient people so I can engage more fully in looking and listening for you and your character through them. Also, please remove from my heart and mind my many biases and prejudices. Help me to extend my heart and soul to places that you will take me without being skeptical or cynical. Lead me to the places where I need to be to read and listen to what is edifying, encouraging, and strengthening for me and others. And when I get there, take my hand and patiently walk me along until I understand what I am needing to understand.

Forgive me of my intellectual pride and arrogance. Send my way those things that I need to know and understand and help me to realize that it is you who is sending it to me for my own sake and benefit. Forgive me for my anxiety to find easy and quick answers. And forgive me for wanting to take the short-cuts to freedom and grace. Accept my desire to hear what you have to say to me – all of it whether it hurts or not.

Grant me time and wisdom within your nature.


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