Really Random #1

rundomIt struck me today that I feel pretty good. Maybe it is the sun, the fruit smoothie I had for breakfast from Kathy’s Vitamix machine, or the nice dinner I had last evening with a friend who is living life to its fullest. I’m not sure what the reason is for being perky this morning but I am thankful and I’m going to hope that I have a few more mornings like this in the future. I’ve known all along that other than the obvious, there is really nothing else to be too worried about. I feel for some other people and wish they weren’t in such turmoil but as for me, I am getting along pretty well. I’ve had two doctors tell me in the last two weeks that everything looks quite good and that I will need to schedule checkups for a year from now – so no real concern in those departments. The government is paying me way too much for not doing anything but I guess those are the perks that come with 38 years of working for those people. I won’t complain.

There are so many projects around the house to tackle. How was I ever thinking that I could get around to all of the home projects when I was working a full time job? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to work a steady job and to take care of the things that need to be taken care of around the house. Well, by jettisoning the job I am now able to attack the projects at my leisure. Not a bad deal.

I’m getting ready for a trip in another month or so. I need to get the planning going. Speaking of the trip, I received an urgent itinerary change from Princess Cruises last evening. I thought, “Oh no. Now what?” Here is their message: “Please be advised that due to tidal constraints, Island Princess will now depart from Ketchikan on May 25 at 5:30 pm and not 6:00 pm as originally scheduled. The revised itinerary displays in full at the end of this notification.”  What am I going to do? This fouls up the whole trip!


And if you are really interested, I successfully installed Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi and on a fit-PC2i. Does that blow your socks off? I thought not. Well, anyway. Unfortunately, the Pi is a bit lightweight so it can’t run Plex Server, which I had hoped it might but wasn’t surprised when it couldn’t. These are two nifty little devices that we used to use for other things more nefarious but now I am simply playing with them and want one of them to be my media server here at the house.

Richard sent me a fascinating link. Check it out. This is the kind of stuff cryptologists and spies like to read about.  Music by the ‘Numbers Stations’ from NPR. Do a search on numbers stations and find a whole boatload of interesting info on what they are – or aren’t. A little background – when we would hand-encrypt or use rotors to encrypt information way back in the Cold War days (I’m geezing here – stop me!) it was often in five letter groups. There’s a clue for you and your numbers stations. I’m thinking of setting up a numbers station here at the house. I will send out Chinese and Italian carry-out menu choices that are available locally, ok? Tune in. All I need is a catchy ditty to play between the number groups.

Baby Isaac Eason is due the end of April. That will be pretty cool. For me, anyway. Not sure about Nick, Laurie, and Lilly. Guess they will adjust – necessarily, so. But it will be fun for me. Laurie told me yesterday that little Isaac is now pointed down and getting ready to bolt. The timing, of course, is all up to him. If he likes his cozy spot then he will linger longer. But, as Laurie said, she hopes that he hears enough fun things outside that maybe he will want to get on with things and show up a bit early. Here’s hoping!

2013-03-27 22.14.33-1Back to the Vitamix. Kathy convinced me that my life would be even more complete with a Vitamix.  I was a skeptic but I broke down and purchased one recently. All I can say is WOW! This thing is fun and it claims to make amazingly good peanut butter. But it makes lots of other things, too. Like a berry, banana, and yogurt smoothie. It’s all I’ve made so far but I have peanuts, bananas, and apples queued up for experimenting maybe today or tomorrow. By the way, the thing is powerful. It makes my lights dim when I turn it up to TEN. (Is there an ELEVEN version?) Well, it doesn’t really make my lights dim but it is pretty powerful sounding. It came with a huge recipe book with all kinds of amazing things in it. The Vitamix even makes hot soups. Yes, hot! It whirs so fast that it can actually make liquids hot. I will try the soup pretty soon. It looks real good.

Did you read The Host by Stephenie Meyer? Yes, I know the whole story about Twilight and vampires and young romance and so on. Ok, are we over that now? So, I read it a few years back when it came out. I think it is a neat premise for a story. And the movie comes out this Fri Mar 29. And yes, I have tickets. We’ll be going to the 10pm showing Fri night. I’m hoping the moms and daughters will have gone home and gone to bed by 10pm. A friend and I are going to the late show. We both have read the book and we both hope that it turns out better than the movie renditions of Twilight and we have been texting back and forth the last few days talking about the story and the main movie trailer and so forth. I guess we are acting like fans. By the way, parts of the film were done near Shiprock in the northwest corner of New Mexico, my old stomping ground.

Bottom line – it is a good day. I am thankful for a good day. And I am thankful for friends, family, church, and a special world that can offer up warmth, happiness, and security. I know there are messes out there but attitude is important. It is good to be able to enjoy God’s creation. Thanks to all of you for standing by me. It isn’t over yet, but today is a good start.

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