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yuneekLike the billions of stars in the sky, there are just as many stories about grief and loss. The stories should be treated with honor and distinction. After all, they are about a person who is gone.

Regardless of where one places his faith – God or fate – there will be an end. What is life will cease to exist.

My faith says that an ending in death for each of us is a curse that was once brought on by an independently minded and arrogant man and woman who wanted to do things their own way and, in so doing, pretty much soured the whole living thing for the rest of us. See Genesis 3. We now suffer pain and much sadness when losing a loved one. And we ourselves will pass at some point. All because there were two people way back one time who wanted to exercise their will against the will of God. This is pretty much the story and condition of mankind – destined to live hard, work hard, birth hard, and die hard. It’s true – this is the situation we live in.

My faith also says, however, that for those who believe in God and act with his purposes, physical death is not the end of all existence. Rather, God has provisioned a means for life beyond the physical. I can’t explain it – no one can – and it remains a mystery. But suffice it to say, it is an existence beyond the death that we will experience in this world. Even as the first man and woman brought us down, another man raised us up by proving that God had sufficient power over death to offer a second existence to anyone who believes and follows God. See Romans 5:12-21.

Through the night last night, the ending to a story’s chapter was being written about a passionate lady and her family. It will stand as a unique and special chapter. It does end sadly, of course. It is going to be hard for a long time now for those left behind. Much will be written about what it takes to recover and get on with living without this special person. All is not lost, however. Being a people of faith, there are many more chapters to go in this family’s story. And in the end of ends, it will conclude with a perfect ending.

I won’t tell this story. It is for someone else to tell. But what I do want to say is that this story is precious and especially unique because it is a story about someone we knew.  It is about someone we will not forget. And it is a story about a person who lived – and passed – with a deep and sincere trust and faith in God.

We rally around this family now in sadness, quiet support, and respect. It is appropriate that we do this. But we also relish the thought that we can find assurance and peace in knowing that God has given safe harbor and calm from the storm to the one who is now gone. We mourn our loss but regale in her gain.

God has turned a curse into a blessing.

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