Less is More

malebuxFrom Augustine:

“Give me what you have chosen for me, and bring about in me what you desire for me.”

To be more a spiritual person, I need to be less a physical person. To be more, I need to be less.

When it comes to everything else but love, there is simply not room for it all in my mind and heart. And the problem is that if I am filled up with self-importance then there isn’t any room for a spiritual God. In that we are all created in the image of God, by denying God a place in our being then we are less than whole because the part of us that would be God is something else completely. We then are lame and less than what God meant for each of us to be while we travel this existence.

God allows us to empty and fill ourselves at will with whatever it is that we think necessary. If I want to be loaded with misery, I can consume as much misery as I can stomach. If I decide to be a victim, I can wrap myself as tightly in victimization as possible. If my motivation is hate, I can hate all that I want to hate. God blessed each of us with souls to fill as we see fit.

Imagine a mailbox packed full of bills, sales brochures, old newspapers, and coupon flyers. Next time the mailman comes by, he can’t find room to fit in a card of kindness from a friend who has noticed that I may not be doing as well as I might be doing. My friend wanted for me to receive a card of encouragement. But there isn’t room in my mailbox – because I haven’t emptied it – for good tidings. Because of my inattentiveness and irresponsibility, I have no room for a blessing.

If a clear glass pitcher is filled with dirty water, the vessel – while still inherently clear – will have a stained-looking color due to the dirty water within it. If, however, I pour out the dirty water and fill the pitcher with clean water then I will see what is truly a clean pitcher filled with clear water.

It is the same with you and me. We each are a soul of God – created and sustained by God. If we fill and never empty our souls of dirt, then all we will be about is dirt. But if we allow ourselves to be filled with the fulfilling essence of God, our souls will be a reflection of God.

Augustine prayed the prayer of a very brave and daring man. He asked for God to help him empty himself of self-interest.  He then – trusting in God – opened his soul to God to let God fill it with whatever God felt his soul was needing to be filled with. But not only was Augustine willing to let God fill him, he was also willing to then go wherever God would have him go. Fill me and send me.

I pray that I can have faith and courage to let God help me empty myself and then let God fill me with his holy essence.

Jesus made it clear to the woman at the well that the water from the well would never quench her thirst.  Instead, Jesus offered the woman living water. Jesus said, “…whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:1-42 NIV)


– Empty myself of me
– Let God fill me with him
– Be thirsty for living water

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