More Real Photo Proof – Day 7

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Here are a few more photos from a different era.  These came from the months that we lived and worked in Salt Lake City prior to and during the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics -we worked in Salt Lake City for probably a year and literally lived there for about three months from Jan – Mar 2002.

Truly, we look much meaner in this picture than we really were.  These were some demented and crazy people.  If we had not been able to laugh and play tricks and put up with some outrageous antics, we would not have survived together.  The goofy guy in the skin hat was my live-in roommate though we rarely saw each other because he was night shift and I was day shift.  (He kept the hat tied up and fed outside when he was at our apartment.)  Long hours and hard work but a very interesting and very satisfying experience.


We had a location near Ogden where we spent hours and hours testing and preparing all kinds of equipment and methods.  And the place didn’t have any heat!  So, we had to procure space heaters to keep warm.  But even then, it was cold inside.  I’m not sure but I think each one of us got sick somewhere along the line simply from having to work inside of this cold and isolated facility.  But this is where a great deal of magic occurred – it was amazing.


Time for another contest.  If you know who this sports legend is – no, not me! – and can tell all of us his name and claim to Olympic fame here in the comment section then I again will present to you a $25 gift certificate.  (I know – I am a very generous person.)

In this photo, we are holding the Olympic torch that he carried a few weeks prior during his short torch run near Salt Lake City just prior to the opening of the Games.  Each of the torch runners were able to keep their torches – that must have been a lot of torches to be passing out by the lead torch vehicle all day and all night.  Anyway, one day this nice man came by our location and visited with all of us – a very nice and interesting and storied person.

A memory…

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