Real Photo Proof – Day 12

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I am usually not one to share photos but I found these recently in my sorting and cleaning up of various boxes of things that I have found around the house.  These pictures truly speak a thousand words.


I am standing here with COMSUBGRU SIX (Commander Submarine Group Six).  Submarine Group Six was the submarine command group that our boats were all operationally associated with in Charleston.  I was receiving a commendation plaque for being able to intercept high speed Morse code.


I am actually running a test on some equipment in this photo.  Thankfully, we never had to depend on this ‘technology’.  If you can tell me succinctly what I am doing in this photo in the comment section, I promise that I will give you a $25 gift certificate.  First come first serve in the comment section – only one certificate will be given out.  Briefly describe what this is a picture of and share an Internet link that gives all of us a fuller explanation of what it is, how it is used, and who would use it.


After riding the Range Sentinel to witness the launch of a missile off of our boat, we all were inducted into the Domain of the Trident Birdwatchers by none other than the Ruler of the Royal Domain of Birdwatchers.  A very exclusive club, indeed.


This is how sailors on submarines spend their time out in the middle of the ocean when near the Bahamas!  Are you jealous?  I am somewhere in this photo – I will not reveal where.  Note the unique peaked and peckish look of this sub crew.  This is a fairly normal condition for those who spend all of their time under the water – not in the sun.  We were in the Bahamas and locations thereabouts for some underwater tests and training.

I vividly recall this swim call.  After we had enjoyed a lunch of sliders outside and on the back of the boat, we all jumped in the water for a nice swim.  Unfortunately, the cooks decided to get rid of their left-over sliders by throwing them in the water on the other side of the boat from which we were swimming.  Next thing you know, a bunch of curious and hungry little sharks arrived to snoop and to eat up our waterborne sliders!  So, we all had to scramble and crawl out of the water – and that was the end of swim call.

A memory…

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