triste ambulant – day 7


“This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” John 11:4


It weighs a little more than half a pound and can fit nicely into a small box. It will make you laugh mostly. But sometimes you will cry, too, because of it. It will take you special places, give you new ideas, pick you up, and make you feel better.

It listens when it needs to listen and talks when it needs to talk. It can exhibit all kinds of amazing emotions. It can protect and defend – with a vengeance. It can nurture and strengthen with understanding and patience.


It can bring peace. It can heal in amazing ways. Without too much effort on its part, it can always figure out where it is needed the most at any time. It often never gives up. It can love unconditionally. It has an unlimited supply of hope. Mine came loaded with faith that things would always work out like they should work out.

For it’s tiny size, it is amazingly strong – it can pick up things hundreds of times bigger and heavier than it is. It can hum a melody or sing a song – it is very good at making music. It can draw pretty pictures, write meaningful letters, and magically communicate strange but life-giving messages of devotion.

It’s a tough little thing. The one I had didn’t break until after almost 2 billion repetitions. Sometimes it can get out of kilter a little bit but – with some mending – it will be just fine and keep on working like it had never been broken. There are no warranties on it but that’s alright – it is such a special little gift that a warranty can’t replace it if it ever does quit working.

Interesting thing about it – it can give its whole self to you. It can be one of the most unselfish things that you will ever have. For being so small, it can give more of itself than is even imaginable. And it can keep on giving – on and on and on. Sometimes it almost seems like its sole reason for existing is for you. Often, it doesn’t even think about itself – even when in danger or broken.

These things are worth their weight in gold. But more. No, they are value-less because they are so special. They are something that can’t be compared with money or diamonds or platinum or anything – they are worth so much more.

Do you want such a gift? I’m sure you do. I had one for awhile – it’s gone now, though. But I have no regrets. It was the best gift a person could have ever expected to have in a lifetime. Mine was very special – for over thirty years. A tiny little thing that ended up being bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. This little gift kept working and giving and thriving right up until it couldn’t do it any longer.

And while I wish I had my gift back sometimes, I actually now wish and hope more that you can find and have such a special gift. I really do – there is absolutely nothing like it at all.

The gift of a heart.

Merry Christmas.

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