triste ambulant – day 23


“This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” John 11:4


From where I sit, it seems to me that it is all about perspective.

If it is all about me pleasing me – all about me! – then slowly slowly my world will begin to crumble.  Fact is, I don’t have lots to contribute to – me!  Nothing new.  Nothing challenging.  And very little that will stay good, decent, and honest.  This selfish approach ends up being a dark rabbit hole.  And I certainly won’t be healthy and happy.

If it is all about you pleasing me – still all about me! – then I find myself being manipulated, becoming co-dependent, and we generally get into a real mess that will take – possibly – professional help and meds to unsort.  And I still won’t be healthy and happy.  

A long time ago, Regina and I went to see the play Wait Until Dark.  What a great play – and story.  Anyway, the entire play is from the perspective of the audience.  We see the con men, the schemes, and the plots.  Suzy, however, can’t.  She is the protagonist – and she is blind.  She can’t see anything that the audience is seeing.  We feel sorry for her – we want to call out to her and tell her that she is being manipulated and abused.

What is cool, however, is that we begin to learn that Suzy – though blind – is also very wise and smart.  She catches on pretty quick to the schemes of the con artists around her.  And the climax of the story is when the entire venue goes dark.  No one can see anything – the con men, the cops, the audience – anyone.  The entire theater is dark.  

Now who has the upper hand?  All the audience is experiencing are sounds – nothing can be seen – from up on the stage.  And, of course, the bad guys can’t see anything either in the make-believe world of Suzy’s living room.   But Suzy doesn’t need to see to know her way around her staged living room – the very living room that Suzy has memorized and learned to live in as a blind person.  And in the end, her perspective is what gives her the edge over her antagonists.


What a great story about perspective.  And what a great way to be reminded that, perhaps, I need to consider things from a different perspective.  Maybe I need to crawl up the other side of the canyon and take in the view.  Maybe I should walk in someone else’s shoes for a bit.  Maybe holding on to my way of viewing things can be unhealthy – there might be other ways to see the situation.

Ever use binoculars?  Normally, you are looking through the ‘ocular’ end.  Now, turn them around and look through the other way – look into the ‘objective lense’ end.  What do you see?  A very different perspective, isn’t it?  

I know – for me – I am having to broaden my perspectives.  I’ve wanted to look at things up close and understand them – looking through the binoculars the normal way.  But what I feel I am being driven towards is a need to be looking through binoculars the round about way – the long view.  The big view.  The very broad view.

The “how wide and long and high and deep” God view.  (Ephesians 3:18)

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