triste ambulant – day 31

Through all of this, the greatest comfort I have been able to find has come from reading and believing the words Jesus said in John 11.

“This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.”

Jesus had a good friend – Lazarus – who was very sick.  In his sickness, his sisters had called for Jesus to come and heal Lazarus.  The sisters believed that Jesus could actually make Lazarus better – they wanted to see a miracle.  They hoped that Jesus would perform a supernatural feat and completely restore Lazarus back to health.  After all, they had seen Jesus do healing miracles before so why wouldn’t Jesus do the same for his friend – “the one you love” – they thought.

But Jesus delayed for two days.  He didn’t seem to be to terribly concerned to immediately be with his friend. Jesus said that Lazarus would be fine – Lazarus will not die, Jesus said.

But of course, Lazarus did die.  Even Jesus, perhaps paradoxically and after what he had already said, told his friends, “Lazarus is dead…”  

What we know is that Jesus is talking about two kinds of death and is also probably alluding to his own death that will come in a short time.  He also is trying to instill in his friends and followers an ability to look beyond the now – the present – and have the courage to see into the mysteries of God and the powers that reach beyond what can be seen and touched and felt.  Jesus wanted those around him to appreciate the present (Jesus was overcome by the hurt experienced by those who thought they had lost Lazarus and shed a tear in their behalf) but to also develop a view into God’s ways.  Jesus hoped that people would look through the special window he had opened and see God’s sovereignty and power over everything physical and spiritual.  

For the next few weeks, I want to try to capture and expound on some of my insights beyond just the immediate hurt of losing Regina.  To do this, I will have to be intentional and will have to somehow rise above the low-level pain of loss that I constantly feel every waking hour.  I may have some better days in being intentional and I may have some days that are harder – each day will bring its own conditions.

I do sincerely hope, however, that we all can better learn to have a profound awareness and sense of God’s sovereignty.  And love for us.  In the good times.  And also in the very bad times.

Prayers and strength to all of you.  Let’s agree to give God some room to move around in our otherwise busy and congested minds and souls.  Let’s agree to give God some space and quietness so he can talk to us, too.  And let’s learn to listen without arguing or griping or sniveling, ok? 

Let’s just be.  God can handle the rest.

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