Green Car

Nov 23 2:10pm – It is raining leaves outside.

The green car is ready for Zak.  Unfortunately, DMV is closed today so I will have to ‘sell’ the car to him later but, regardless, it is ready to go.

Let’s see…

1. Two deer strikes
2. One dog strike
3. Hit my car twice
4. Two windshields
5. Stuck in the ditch at the bottom of the hill twice – had to call AAA

It has been a good car – 2000 Taurus with 135,000 miles on it.  We bought it with 20,000 miles on it.  I have it all fixed up (well, actually the mechanic fixed it up for me for lots of money) so I hope it makes it back to IN for Zak and, then, I hope it finds a good home in GA with Zak and the family.

Regina took care of the insides – they are immaculate.  Still almost smells new.  She wouldn’t let anyone ride in it with dirty feet and would vacuum it at least every several weeks of use.  

It was her school car – the trunk carried stuff back and forth for many years.  She liked to remotely pop open the back and put her bags and such in.  She also carried around things she had ordered for the kids in the trunk.  Her reasoning was that once she bought something somewhere – why take it out until it had a home? She carried Lilly’s blackboard setup for a very long time in the trunk.  (By the way, the inside of the trunk looks and feels brand new, too.)

The green car is what I would always see when getting home from work – Regina is home!  It was my signal.  My indicator.  For the past few months, I had to get used to seeing the car in the drive and realizing…

I’m glad it can assume a quality second life now.  I hope it doesn’t break down or otherwise mess up too soon.  It makes some old-age sounds and groans but – hopefully – those are just the signs of a mature vehicle.  (Here’s hoping! Mechanic says they are just old, creaking body parts.  My doctor says the same thing.)

From the internets for Zak:

A Car Blessing

Bless this car, driver, and all who ride in it,
may the wheels run true and engine purr,
in traveling on the roads, may the driver be ever alert,
moving safely from start to destination.

Bless this car, driver and all who ride in it,
with good common sense and responsible actions,
keeping safe, those within and those outside this car.
May safety and courtesy be with this car always.

Yet another part of my life – albeit just a ‘thing’ – is changing.  But for the better, I think.

Go well, green car. And thanks for taking care of Regina for so many years.  

Much appreciated.

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